Southwest Dominican Republic

Discover the idyllic Dominican Republic’s southwestern region and enjoy its amazing, lush landscapes

Southwest Dominican Republic
Southwest Dominican Republic
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The southwestern region of the Dominican Republic is one of the country’s most beautiful areas as its beaches and mountains make this region’s landscapes unique. In this region, there are also several natural treasures very appreciated by ecotourism lovers.

Barahona, Dominican Republic
Barahona, Dominican Republic
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Beaches in Southwest Dominican Republic
Beaches Southwest Dominican Republic
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Los Patos, Dominican Republic
Los Patos, Dominican Republic
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One of the region’s main touristic attractions is Barahona, a true jewel with still much to be discovered. Is in this area where the island’s largest biodiversity exists: it has no fewer than three National Parks, as well as the Caribbean’s region largest lake (Enriquillo Lake) that together with Cabritos Island form Cabritos Island National Park. There, there are pink flamingos, iguanas and an autochthonous species of crocodile. If you are a nature lover and you like arid landscapes, you can visit Baní dunes, this area is surrounded by deserts and is quite characteristic because of its vegetation, which is very different from the rest of the country’s.

The “Magnetic Pole” is a place where an unusual and extraordinary phenomenon occurs: against the law of gravity, some objects, instead of descending the slope, they ascend it like they were attracted upwards by an odd force. It is located in the road that connects the capital city to Barahona.

Some of the other places that a good traveller must not miss are: Cabral Lagoon, ideal for bird-watching; Polo’s valley and its coffee plantations; the famous Cachúas of Cabral’s Carnival; the larimar mines; the paradisiacal beaches and the amazing coastal areas; Canoa town’s natural thermal spring; the crystalline cold water spas (such as Los Patos and Saint Raphael); the mountains, etc.

In this country’s region there are some beautiful beaches that are almost virgin due to the little touristic infrastructure so they are ideal for those who want to travel independently and enjoy pure nature.

Regarding its cuisine, although the area is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, the fishes and shrimps consumed there mainly come from rivers and freshwater lagoons. From the sea, they prefer crustaceans such as crabs, queen conchs and lobsters, marinated with lemon, cooked with garlic, or just in seasoned gravy. What’s more, since the bananas produced in Barahona are the country’s best in size and quality, bananas are the quintessentially garnish, be it fried, boiled or ground and baked (if ripe).

A very active community of literary and plastic artists inhabits this region. This region’s plastic artists work with larimar stones, metals, shells, and natural fibres, among many other raw materials from Bahoruco.

Undoubtedly, the Dominican Republic has lots to offer and the enthusiastic travellers will have lots of good places to discover.

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