Isla Cabritos

Discover Isla Cabritos, where Enriquillo, a former cacique, hid while fighting against the Spanish rule

Isla Cabritos
Isla Cabritos
© Héctor Mota

Isla Cabritos is located in Enriquillo Lake, and it is the main attraction for those who visit Isla Cabritos-Enriquillo Lake National Park.

Isla Cabritos, Dominican Republic
Isla Cabritos, Dominican Republic
© Island Conservation

The main vegetation of the park is formed by subtropical dry forests and spiny scrubland, since the area’s average rainfall is scarce. Lots of birds, both aquatic and terrestrial inhabit the park, for example, flamingoes, Florida ducks, Muscovy Ducks, and great egrets, among many more. Lots of reptiles also inhabit the park and can be observed, for example, the American crocodile, the rhinoceros iguana and Ricord’s iguana.

The island’s indigenous name was ‘Guarizacca’, and it was the place where the cacique Enriquillo hid when his people rose against the Spaniards.

There are lots of beaches in the island’s shores, and, even though the grounds and sea floors are formed by marine remains, there are not any traces of coral in these clay soils.

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Lago Enriquillo-Isla Cabritos National Park, Independencia province, Dominican Republic.

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