Dajabón, Dominican Republic

Discover Dajabón, a place full of history, art, nature and different cultures that will surprise you

Dajabón, Dominican Republic
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Discover the province of Dajabón, in the Dominican Republic’s northern coast, a place full of history, art, nature and different cultures that will amaze you.

Tourism in Dajabón
Dajabón city
© Marvin del Cid

Dajabón is the checking point for everyone who wants to cross the Haitian border. It was the Independence Battle’s setting. The Dominicans held the city against their neighbouring country in the mid 19th century: this war left a mark on the Dominicans, who erected commemorative monuments in honour of the public figures that fought in the consecutive battles.

It’s economy is mainly based on farming, ranching, and rice, milk, and meat trade with Haiti.

It was founded by Toussaint L’Ouverture and it is named after the Taíno word Dahaboon.

You can enjoy its culture and traditions from the very moment you arrive at the town. You can walk from its Triumphal Arch, dated from Rafael Trujillo’s era, to the multitudinous Bi-National Market where it is possible to buy almost every kind of products and you will find the largest Haitian and Dominican cultural mix.

You can learn its most recent history through the photographs that are on display at the Images from the Border Museum, and discover their most patriotic feelings through the monuments Heroes of Sabana Larga and Heroes of Beller.

Enjoy the gifts of nature at Sabana Clara Ecological Camp,  El Salto Spa, Chacuey’s Wildlife Shelter, or explore the magnificent Nalga de Maco National Park and its incredible cave.

If you visit its surrounding towns Loma de Cabrera, Villa Anacaona and Restauración, you will discover, when you happen to come across Cristo de Palo or the Mahogany Shrine of Villa Anacaona, that not only in the capital city is it possible to find a historic and cultural atmosphere.

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