Bonao, Dominican Republic

Visit Bonao and discover its thriving and exciting culture as it is expressed in its incredible carnival

Bonao, Dominican Republic
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Located in the centre of the Dominican Republic, to the northeast of Santo Domingo, Bonao is a bustling, lively city that has a population of almost 130,000 inhabitants, that is becoming more and more tourist-friendly.

Tourism in Bonao
Tourism in Bonao
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Bonao is one of the Dominican Republic’s richest cities mainly because of the small local businesses, the small-scale farming (mainly rice, but also cocoa and coffee production), and mining, which is promoted by the mining enterprise Falcondo Xstrata Níquel.

The city was built over the former Bonao’s fortress, which was established by order of the selfsame Christopher Columbus, who arrived in the area in 1495. The town, that got the “villa” category in 1508, grew thanks to gold mining and sugar farming.

One of the great hidden treasures of Bonao, highly worth a visit, is the Jima Waterfalls National Monument, a precious area in the Jima River that has 12 impressive cataracts and several ponds.

The carnival is, doubtlessly, the most touristic and world-wide known event of the Dominican Republic. Bonao’s carnival stands out due to its originality and its incredibly friendly atmosphere.

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Bonao, province of Monseñor Nouel, Dominican Republic.

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