Bahoruco, Dominican Republic

Come and visit Bahoruco province, on the shores of Enriquillo lake and enjoy ecotourism activities there

Bahoruco, República Dominicana
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Together with Independencia and Pedernales provinces, Bahoruco forms parts of Enriquillo region, and its land has been a silent witness of the human occupation from the Taínos to the present time.

Its capital city is Neyba (also spelled Neiba), and it is known it already existed in 1606, when the northern towns were destroyed. Apart from the capital city, a few towns have remained since ancient times, such as Villa Jaragua and Los Ríos, that are also historically important for the region.


Tourism in Bahoruco
Tourism in Bahoruco
© Omar Ferreras

Bahoruco’s area is renowned for its eco-friendly and adventure tourism offer, mainly focused on Enriquillo Lake National Park and Marías Spa. In this region it is also possible to enjoy learning everything about the region’s people’s traditions and habits.

This is an important area for the extraction and commercialisation of the larimar gemstone, and they are developing and implementing establishments related to the study of the mineral’s benefits and its processing for its use in jewellery, for example the Bahoruco Larimar Workshop School and Museum.


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