Isla Cabritos and Enriquillo Lake National Park

Come and visit Isla Cabritos and Enriquillo Lake National Park and enjoy the beauty in the purest nature

Isla Cabritos and Enriquillo Lake National Park
Enriquillo Lake National Park
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Enriquillo Lake is the largest natural water-reserve in the Dominican Republic and it is located in the country’s southwestern region, within the borders of Isla Cabritos and Enriquillo Lake National Park.

Enriquillo Lake, Dominican Republic
Enriquillo Lake, Dominican Republic
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The lake has an approximate extension of 375 square kilometres, even though it can vary due to the annual average rainfall, that is usually scarce in this area. The average temperature ranges from 27 to 36 ºC. Its waters are twice as salty as the sea’s.

One of the biggest American crocodile wild communities inhabits in these salty waters, nevertheless, it still being endangered. It feeds on tilapia, a fish specie that was introduced in this habitat.

The lake’s surrounding vegetation is composed of dry forests, except for the areas where there are mangroves, a very common tree in the country.

The park’s office and main entrance are located at just a few kilometres away from “La Descubierta”. It is possible to observe an educational exhibition about the national park, and also observe the landscape from the viewpoint in the visitors’ centre. In addition, the park’s facilities include a cafeteria, a multipurpose room, two floating docks, an aviary, an observation platform, and an itinerary which is signposted with animal-interpretation billboards.

Isla Cabritos is the one and only island that remains inside the lake nowadays. It is important because it is the park’s main tourist-attraction spot, for both domestic and foreign tourism. But, in the park, there are also other interesting spots like La Azufrada, Los Borbollones, Boca de Cachón Bay, and Las Caritas Cave.

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