Azua, Dominican Republic

Visit the Dominican province of Azua and you will fall in love with this beautiful place full of monuments

Azua, Dominican Republic
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Azua is a Dominican province located in the south of the country. It is formed by a flatland that ends in a horseshoe-shaped bay called Ocoa Bay, and surrounded by the mountains of the Cordillera Central.

Tourism in Azua
Tourism in Azua
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Iglesia Nuestra Señora de los Remedios Church
Nuestra Señora de los Remedios Church
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The economy of the region is based on coffee, sugar and tobacco plantations. It is also supported by cereal, rice, vegetables, and corn crops.

The most important city of the province is Azua de Compostela, which is the capital city of the province. It is located 97 km away from Santo Domingo, the capital city of the country. Azua de Compostela is a little trading city that has an international airport and a seaport located 5 km away from Ocoa Bay.

The ancient colonial city, over which the present city was founded, is located in a site called “Pueblo Viejo”. It was founded in 1504 by Diego de Velázquez when Nicolás Ovando was governing. Subsequently, the colonial city was destroyed by an earthquake in 1751 and rebuilt in lands granted by the families of don Gregorio Díaz and Luisa Guerrero. Therefore, the present city of Azua dates back to 1882. Also, Hernán Cortés, the man who conquered Mexico in 1517, lived for a long time in the ancient colonial city.

The city is named Azua because the Taínos called it like that. North American troops settled in Azua and left there some remains such as the Bridge on the Vía River, the drains of Colón Street, which nowadays is Duarte, and the local cemetery. The North Americans stayed in Azua and drilled petroleum wells, although, it was when the Italians and the Arabians from Saudi Arabia came to the island, that the city started its trading golden age because of the arrival of companies that soon spread all over the country.

The city of Azua is rich in monuments and buildings with historical, social or religious value. Some monuments have been affected by the passage of time or by several natural disasters such as the frequent earthquakes.

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Azua Province, Dominican Republic.

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