José del Carmen Ramírez National Park

Explore José del Carmen Ramírez National Park, one of the world’s quietest and prettiest landscapes

José del Carmen Ramírez National Park
José del Carmen Ramírez National Park
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José del Carmen Ramírez National Park is located in the inland region of the Dominican Republic, in the Central Mountain Range. It is one of the country’s oldest national parks: it was recognised as such in 1958.

The Antilles’ highests peak, Duarte Peak (3175 m), is located in this park. Duarte Peak is one of the country’s main ecotourism attractions. The Yaque del Sur River springs in this area, and together with its tributaries, they form the main water source of San Juan Valley.

It has a mountainous weather, but it varies from temperate oceanic to humid semi-cold. The annual average temperature ranges between 12 and 18 ºC, temperatures that facilitate hiking and camping. In winter, the average temperature ranges from 0 to 10 ºC but it might even reach -8 ºC, thus, it is advisable to wear warm clothes.

Its vegetation, which you can admire in the different tours by the park, is mainly composed of conifer forests, overall Hispaniolan pines, junipers, cigua palms, cedars, guaranas, sierran palms, tamarinds, and many more.

If you are an animal lover, it is possible to spot a huge variety of wildlife in the park. You can watch cimarron hogs and hutias (the hutia is an endangered species), among many more. Nevertheless, it is easier to watch the lots of bird species that inhabit the region: parrots, nightingales, turtledoves, partridge birds, swifts, etc.

This is one of the most peaceful and wonderful places in the world, where you can walk under the forest’s shadows and walk along its wildlife in a virgin and cool environment in the inland of the Dominican Republic.

José del Carmen Ramírez National Park is of a great importance for the southern province of San Juan de la Maguana due to its natural resources and touristic attraction.

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