San Francisco de Macorís, Dominican Republic

Discover the historic and thriving town of San Francisco de Macorís, in the middle of the Dominican Republic

San Francisco de Macorís, Dominican Republic
San Francisco de Macorís
© Fermín Atozqui

If you wish to go in depth into the Dominican Republic’s way of life and try something different, you cannot miss the chance to visit the bustling town of San Francisco de Macorís, capital city of the province of Duarte, and one of the country’s most economically and politically important cities.

Tourism in San Francisco de Macorís
Tourism in San Francisco de Macorís
© Fermín Atozqui

This picturesque town has barely 157,000 inhabitants and it takes its name from the fusion of the Franciscan Order’s name (an ancient Spanish religious order that came to this area in the colonisation era) and the indigenous area’s name, which was Macoríx.

Both the province of Duarte and the town of San Francisco de Macorís were crucial in the rising against Trujillo’s dictatorship.

This thriving village is one of the country’s towns where more high and middle-class people live. It is so prosperous due to the outstanding and vast cocoa and rice crops that surround the town.

San Francisco de Macorís has some beautiful colonial buildings and a nice plaza, besides several mansions that were built by the returned emigrants that amassed their fortunes in the USA.

This town is also very interesting for those who love baseball, since it is one of the cities that has one of the country’s six baseball teams, the Giants.

In this beautiful city, located in the Cibao Valley, you can visit the magnificent Palace City Hall, where the local government of San Francisco de Macorís is housed. Other symbolic places in this town are Santa Ana Cathedral, a building that mixes modern and gothic architecture, and the “Montecito de Getsemaní”, a precious space devoted to prayer. It is also interesting to take a walk in both Los Mártires park and Duarte park, just opposite the city hall.

All this and much more is what is offered in the bustling, lively city of San Francisco de Macorís.

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San Francisco de Macorís, province of Duarte, Dominican Republic.


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