Baní, Dominican Republic

Enjoy the several museums and the cheerful patron saint festivities of the lovely Dominican City of Baní

Baní, Dominican Republic
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The city of Baní, also called “la capital del sur” (the south’s capital city), is the most important city of the Peravia Province. It is located in Peravia Valley, 65 km away from Santo Domingo and 5 km away from the south coast of the Caribbean Sea.

Tourism in Baní
Tourism in Baní
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Cathedral of Baní
Cathedral of Baní
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According to researches, Baní means “plenty of water” in the Taíno language because the Natives named the places where water was abundant as “Baní”. It is also said that “ba” means “father” and “ni” means “water” in the Indo-Antillian language. So, the same sense is expressed in both theories.

The city was established in 1764, when the citizens bought it to the owners of “Cerro Gordo”. However, in 1805 the city was burned to the ground by general Dessalines during the Haitian invasion. After this tragedy, the city was partly rebuilt in 1810 and the town hall was erected for the first time

Once here, you will have the chance to visit different museums and know more about the history of the city. Some of the museums are: Máximo González Museum, located in the park of the same name, and the César González Celado Museum and Historical Archive, in which documents about the history of the city and the Dominican Republic are preserved.

The patron saint of the city is Nuestra Señora de Regla, in whose honour the festivities are celebrated every year and a cathedral is dedicated. The Cathedral of Nuestra señora de Regla was inaugurated in 1889 and it preserves the image of the virgin.

Finally, the city’s traditional popular festivals are the Regional Carnival and the Patron Saint festivities. The regional carnival is celebrated every year on the last Sunday of March, and some other provinces such as Azua, San José de Ocoa and Monseñor Manuel participate in it. People show their happiness and enjoyment in this carnival with traditional dances being The Sarandonga dance the most attractive one. It shows the devotion, affection and fear of Saint John the Baptist.

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Peravia Province, Dominican Republic.


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