Ecotourism in Dominican Republic

Enjoy ecotourism and different adventure sports that the Dominican Republic offers, have fun diving and hiking

Ecotourism in Dominican Republic
Ecotourism in Dominican Republic
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The Dominican Republic is a paradise for those who practise ecotourism, because it could be practised in each of its coastal regions. In this wonderful Caribbean country you will find thousands of walking trails, multiple nature parks and reserves, beautiful beaches, unexplored caves, impressive waterfalls...

Although it is a small country, the Dominican Republic has a great diversity of ecological parks and reserves, where, on the one hand, flora and fauna could be admired, moreover tropical woods, desertic areas or coast cliffs, where different species of birds could be observed, and on the other hand, the sea, where the huge humpback whales could be seen.


Another attraction of this country is the vast offer of adventure sports that could be practised. During your journey you could try mountaineering, rafting, tubing, hiking, or take a safari trip.

All regions have privileged areas to practise ecotourism, the most important ones are:

- The northern region, its most important places are Puerto Plata and Montecristi. The last one has lots of authentic ecological possibilities, because it has not been explored yet. There, you can visit unspoiled beaches, Montecristi National Park, El Morro, and the city of Cabarete, which is famous for its bay.

- The northwestern region is in Samaná’s Peninsula, there you can visit the renowned Los Haitises National Park, Salto El Limón Waterfall, Du Du lagoon and the natural aquarium of Kaio or go for a walk to Padre Nuestro ecological trail.

- In the eastern region you can find Bávaro lagoon, the ecological park of Ojos Indígenas, The Manatí Park and the Fun Fun and Las Maravillas Caves.

- In the southern region, in the area of Barahona and Pedernales, it could be visited the unique National Park of Sierra de Bahoruco, there it is located the biggest lake of the Dominican Republic, Enriquillo Lake, and also Las Águilas Bay, Oviedo’s Lagoon, El Hoyo de Pelempito and Rojo Cape.

- The inner area is called “The Dominican Alps”, and it is located in the region of Jarabacoa, there it is located the main mountain range, where the highest peaks are found, like Pico Duarte, La Pelona and La Rosilla. Furthermore, there, you can practise adventure sports in Yaque del Norte River, and visit Armando Bermúdez and José del Carmen Ramírez National Parks.


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