Sierra de Neiba

Explore the precious Sierra de Neiba and admire Las Caritas de los Indios Cave and Enriquillo Lake

Sierra de Neiba
Sierra de Neiba
© Rosa M. Reynoso Robiou

The Neyba Mountain Range (Sierra de Neiba) is located between San Juan Valley and Neyba Valley, that separate it from Bahoruco Mountain Range, in Independencia province. It has an extension of 100 square kilometres in the Dominican Republic, and goes even further beyond the Haitian border.

Its prevailing type of vegetation is the humid forest in the highest areas of these mountains, and dry forests in the lowest ones, so it presents a varied landscape and an original mountain group.

You can visit caverns covered with pre-Columbian Taíno art such as Las Caritas de los Indios Cave, in Independencia province, on the northern shore of Enriquillo Lake.

It is possible to take a refreshing swim in the several spas that are scattered all along the rivers that spring from these mountains.

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