Neiba, Dominican Republic

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Neiba, Dominican Republic
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There exist two different stories on how Neyba (also spelled Neiba) was founded. The first one says that it was founded in the 16th century when an “hato ganadero” (a cow cattle that carried sugar) passed and settled, but the second story says that it was founded in 1735 when the city was repopulated.

Tourism in Neiba
Tourism in Neiba
© Rosa M. Reynoso Robiou

According to the 18th century French writer M.L. Moreau Sant-Méry, it is named after the Taíno word “Neyba” which stands for ‘white land’ and was used to name the valley, the mountain ranges, the rivers and the bay.

Before the arrival of the Spanish people, Neyba was part of the Jaragua chiefdom. After, the Spaniards settled there and appreciated it a lot. Also, it was the setting of some battles for the independence.

The town’s economy is mainly based on subsistence farming, and recently, on commercial banks and financing institutions. It is the country’s main grape-production area, but coffee and fruits like the banana are also cultivated.

Some of the town’s main events are the Book and Culture Town Fair, the Patronal Feasts and the Grape Fair, where agricultors exhibit and trade their harvested products.

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