Las Caritas, Dominican Republic

Discover these caves and admire their walls full of petroglyphs dating from the first island's inhabitants' era

Las Caritas, Dominican Republic
Las Caritas
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These Taíno caves, also known as “cerros de Las Caritas de los Indios”, are located opposite to Enriquillo Lake. The road to Enriquillo Park and Cabritos Island goes through these caves, so the visit is a must.

Apart from the important archaeological interest of the sculpted stones, this area is also interesting for the panoramic views from the top of the hills, which are the area’s most beautiful ones.


It is advisable to be cautious when ascending to the hills, not just because of the hard and tricky access to the caves, but also for the uneven ground, that due to the continuous people traffic has become slippery, and this, together with the blinding sunlight that pierces through the caves’ rocks, could make you lose your balance.

Despite the lack of information about these caves, it is considered that these beautiful caverns were used as a natural refuge for the island’s first inhabitants, the pre-farming communities.

Another piece of history related to these caves is the story about Guarocuya, who was a Taíno rebel, known as “Enriquillo” by the Spanish. He was the leader of the first guerrilla war in America, but he finally signed a peace treaty in 1533 at these historic caves located in the Bahoruco Mountain Range.

Do not miss the chance to visit this beautiful archaeological monument and admire the majestic panoramic views to the Enriquillo lake from the top of Las Caritas Hills.

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Cerro de Las Caritas, provincia de Barahona. República Dominicana.

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