Bahía de Las Águilas, Dominican Republic

Discover the wild beauty in Eagles’ Bay and live a unique experience in its amazing  paradisiacal beaches

Bahía de las Águilas, Dominican Republic
Bahía de las Águilas
© Turismo de República Dominicana

Bahía de las Águilas (Eagles’ Bay) is located inside Jaragua National Park, in the western end of Pedernales province. One of the Dominican Republic’s most beautiful beaches is located there.

Bahía de Las Águilas, Pedernales
Bahía de Las Águilas
© Turismo de Republica Dominicana

It is a protected area in where it is possible to explore a completely virgin zone to where only a few paths arrive, and where there are not any facilities of any kind. It is an ideal setting for adventure and ecotourism lovers. Even though camping is not allowed inside the protected areas, some other activities can be carried out, for example, trekking, biking or just swimming in some of the Caribbean region’s most crystalline waters for a refreshing bath.

It is the best place to observe manatees, carey turtles and green iguanas, in addition to birds like plain pigeons and white-crowned pigeons. These animals inhabit among the lush endemic vegetation, which is mainly composed by aniba canelilla, balsa trees, lignum-vitae, etc.

Eagles’ Bay is renowned due to the presence of beautiful coral reefs, marine grasses, and brittle stars that can be seen through its clean and crystalline waters. Is for these features that scuba diving is an unforgettable experience if practised in this area.

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 Pedernales, Dominican Republic.

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