Laguna de Oviedo, Dominican Republic

Come and visit the beautiful Oviedo Lagoon and enjoy its rich wildlife and the cays that hide along the coast

Laguna de Oviedo, República Dominicana
Laguna de Oviedo
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The Laguna de Oviedo (Oviedo Lagoon) is located inside Jaragua National Park. It is a 27 square-kilometre, 1.5 metre depth wetland of a very salty water that, together with Eagles’ Bay, forms one of the park’s main ecotourism attractions.

It is inhabited by 60 aquatic bird species, crabs, iguanas, herons, flamingoes and seagulls. This animal variety turns the park into a beautiful natural landscape full of life and colour. It is also inhabited by endangered species such as the solenodon and the hutia, and by 11 different species of bats. The area’s most noteworthy animals are the rhinoceros iguana and Ricord’s iguana, both endemic and endangered.

Oviedo Lagoon also has 24 islets, also known as cays, in where a huge number of animals inhabit. The most renowned cay is Iguanas’ Cay.

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East of Pedernales. Dominican Republic.

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