Travelling with pets to the Dominican Republic

Find out the necessary papers to travel with your pet to the beautiful island.

Travelling with pets to the Dominican Republic

If you want to visit the Dominican Republic with your pet, you need to know the indispensable papers to get in the island.

To enter dogs and cats it is required a veterinary certificate, with a maximum date of 15 days before the trip, generated by an authorized veterinary in the home country.

The document must confirm that the animal comes from an area where there have not been severe illnesses in the last three months and is good health. Furthermore, the animal must have been vaccinated against rabies between a month and a year before the trip, including in the certification the name and serial number of the product.

If you travel with another type of pet, you will need a permission generated by the Director of Cattle of the Agriculture State of Santo Domingo. In this case, the authorization has to set the quarantine period which would be applied, if the situation took place. The consequence of not fulfilling this import rules are or slaughtering the animal, or deporting it to its home country, the charges always on the traveller.

On another hand, every type of bird must be in quarantine at least 10 days.

The last step to formalize the documents is to talk to the person in charge of the animals control at the airport to finish the fulfill of the release forms and has a fee of 10 US$

For further information visit the webpage of the Cattle General Direction or by calling to their phone numer (001) 809 535 96 89.

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