Dominican Republic Shield

Identify the emblem of the Dominican Republic and discover its meaning.

Dominican Republic Shield

The coat of arms of the Dominican Republic is one of the most significant patriotic symbols for the country, since it represents the Free State, Independence and Sovereign.

Created in the Independence age, just as the flag, it has been altered through the time in countless occasions. The current one was designed by the Dominican politician Casimiro Nemesio de Moya in 1913 and is found in the 32nd article of the Constitution.

From that moment on, we can see an English type blazon, which is oblong, with the striking-out upper edges, the rounded lower ones and the center finished in an arrowhead.

Due to the chromatic symbology, the colours are shared with the ones of the national flag and arranged in the same way.

Thus, the red reminds of the blood of the fighters during the Independence fights; the blue symbolizes the firmament covering the country and from where God protects the nation and its ideals while the white expresses peace and union among the Dominicans.

An alternative theory considers the blue as symbol of the battles fought to ensure a free nation to the coming generations while the white alludes to God looking after the nation.

In the center of the shield is located the Bible opened by St John’s Gospel, 8,32. On it is seen a cross which, beside the sacred book, emerges from a trophy made by two spears and four national flags without a shield.

The blazon is framed between a laurel branch on its left and another one of palm on its right. Above the shield, is extended a ultramarine ribbon with the sentence: “God, Homeland, Freedom”; while in the red flag located in the lower part of the emblem is written: “Dominican Republic”.

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