Climate in Dominican Republic

Discover the characteristic tropical climate you will find on your trip to the Dominican Republic.

Climate in Dominican Republic
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The climate of the Dominican Republic is Cool Tropical, with a temperature pretty stable along the seasons, which goes around 25 and 35ºC. The highest temperatures are reached in the summer between the months of July and August; while from November to January there is a little temperature variation as it decreases to 18, in regions of high altitude, and 24ºC in the rest of the country.

It has to be taken into account that, since it is a Cool Tropical Climate, the rains are very frequent. The rainy season is in line with Summer, since generally, are two rainy seasons: from April to June and from September to November. Furthermore, its location in the middle of the Caribbean is ideal for the formation of severe storms and hurricanes in the island between June and November. In fact, this time of the year is known as Hurricane Season, with possibility of floods as well as droughts.

Because it is located in the Northern hemisphere, the seasons of the year are in line with the whole those of Continental Europe, North America and the part of South America which covers Panama, mainly Colombia and Venezuela; while the countries located in the Southern hemisphere, such as Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Perú, Uruguay or great part of the Equator will go the reverse way around, since the summer is from December to March and winter from June to September.

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