Custom Policies in the Dominican Republic

How does the custom service works in the Dominican Republic?

Custom Policies in the Dominican Republic

As in every country, the Dominican Republic also has its own policies concerning imports and exports:


- Olders than 16 can enter the country with a maximum of 200 cigarettes or a cigar box. The quantity of the last one depends on the days the owner of the goods is going to stay in the island.

- The gifts brought in the country cannot cost over 100 US $.

- A bottle of alcoholic drink can also be imported, as long as it does not overtakes two liters and is compulsory to be stamped.

- Regarding the perfume, it can be entered in two bottles, as long as they are opened and personal use only.

- What it is completely forbidden is the entrance of animal, farming and garden products, such as meats, cheeses, fruits, vegetable etc; illegal drugs; fire guns and paramilitary clothes which will be confiscated as soon as you arrive.


- Tobacco and alcoholic drinks can be exported, but always in moderate quantities.

- Regarding the liquids on your luggage, they must go through the custom controls in the entrance airport; unless those who are travelling to another airport in the island or have as destination a third country.

- You should not forget that all travellers must pay the taxes of the airport, the majority of times including the ticket. There is a charge of 20USD which, in case the price is not included, it must be paid as you leave the country, being the cost different depending on the length of the stay. The place for payment is the Immigration Office.

Foreign currencies:

- It is forbidden the import of the local coin, the Dominican Peso, DOP.

- It is forbidden the export of the local coin, while the foreign one can just be exported if it was declared when you entered the country. Furthermore, on your leaving, the 30% of the foreign currency turned into the DOP can be recovered as long as the receipt of the original change is given.

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