Make a phonecall to and from Dominican Republic

Learn the most important prefixes to communicate with, from and in the Dominican Republic.

In the Dominican Republic there is an international prefix to make a call to the country: 00 (international prefix) + 1 + 809 and then the number of the place; and the other way round, from the island to a foreign country is 011 (international prefix) + country’s prefix and the number of interest.

For instance, the number of the Spanish embassy in the Dominican Republic would be:

(00 1 809) 535 65 00; while the number of the Dominican Republic’s embassy in Spain is: (011 34) 91 931 53 95.

Hereafter you will find the prefixes of some of the Spanish-speaking countries which most visit the Dominican Republic:

Spain: 011 + 34 + number.

Argentina: 011 + 54 + number.

Chile: 011 + 56 + number.

Colombia: 011 + 57 + number.

Costa Rica: 011+ 506 + number.

The US and Canada: 011 + 1 + number.

México: 011+ 52 + number.

Perú: 011 + 51+ number.

At national level there are no existing different prefixes depending on the area, sharing the same prefix in the whole country, the 809.

Verizon, the country’s telecommunications company, has issued the Comunicard which you can use to call around the world from every phone with a modern keyboard. There is also the possibility of going to a phone booth to make exceptional calls or use the public cabins which can work with the Comunicards.

Furthermore, the faxes as well as the telegrams count with an extended use all over the country.

If you prefer to use your mobile phone, the network GSM 1900 covers the whole island and counts among its principal servers with Orange. In the case of foreign phones you must activate the roaming before you leave your country or buy a prepaid card in case you have an unlocked mobile.

Useful phone numbers:

Emergencies: 911

Firefighters: 809-682-2000

National Police: 809-682-3004

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