Political System in the Dominican Republic

Learn about the political system governing the island and how does it work.

The Dominican Republic has a parliamentary presidential system. This is a representative democracy divided in three constituent powers: Executive, Legislative and Judicial.

The Executive power is hold by the President of the Republic, which is the Head of the State and the Government, and the vice president, chosen by the people to govern for 4 years.

The Legislative power is developed in the National Congress formed by the Senate, compound by 32 senators representing the 31 Dominican districts plus the National District; and the Chamber of Deputies. All are chosen as well by popular vote to perform their functions for 4 years.

The Judicial power relies in the Justice Supreme Court and is the one choosing the judges of the rest of the provinces.

The country counts with a multi-party system, therefore a great amount of political parties aim for the executive as well as the legislative power.

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