Dominican Republic Time Zone

Foresee the time difference between your country and the Dominican Republic.

Dominican Republic Time Zone

The time zone used in the Dominican Republic is the GMT -4, as in Puerto Rico, Cuba, Bolivia or Paraguay. Also in the Eastern part of Canada, as in Quebec or Toronto and the Eastern part of the US as New York or Washington D.C. The case of Venezuela is included in this group since it is located in the GMT -4:30, going half an hour after the Dominicans.

In countries located in the GMT -5 as Panama, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru or the part of Chile where are located the islands, is an hour below the Dominican Island. Northern in the continent, the part of Illinois or Texas in the US are lined up, equally, in the GMT -5.

In the case of Mexico, divided up to two time zones, GMT -5 and GMT -7; has a difference with the Dominican Republic of 1 or 3 hours behind; such as Costa Rica, which due to its location in the GMT -6, goes on 2 hours behind the island.

The countries aligned in the GMT -3, as Argentina, part of Chile, the Continental Chile; or Uruguay, go an hour ahead the Dominican Republic.

Concretely, regarding Spain, the hour changing will depend in the season of the years when you travel. On Winter, the hour difference will be of 5 hours behind Spain, while in Summer it will be 6 hours; in case you are flying from the Canary Islands, the difference will be of 4 or 5 hours, respectively.

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