Bank Holidays in the Dominican Republic

Discover the most important festivities for the Dominicans and the events celebrated.

Bank Holidays in the Dominican Republic
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Along the year, The Dominican Republic counts with a wide list of public holidays. In this sense, it should be emphasized that the non-working days cannot be moved, which means that the day never changes, while there are some festivities which are exchangeable, they are celebrated on their official days when these match with Saturdays, Sundays of Mondays. If it is aligned with Tuesday or Wednesday it is celebrated the previous Monday and if it is Thursday or Friday, the following.

Here you can see the official dates considered Bank Holidays for the Dominicans.


1st January - New year’s Eve (NL).

6th January - Epiphany (NL).

21st January - Nuestra Señora de Altagracia. (NL). Protector of the Dominicans.

26th January - Día de Juan Pablo Duarte (NL). Anniversary of the birth of the Father of the Country.


27th February -National Day of the Independence of the Republic (NL).

March / April:

Easter Week (NL in Education but working in other sectors except on Holy Friday)


14th April:  Panamerican Day.


1st May - International Working Day (M).

Last Sunday of May - Mother’s Day.

May / June:

Corpus Christi (NL on Corpus Thursday).


Last Sunday of July - Father’s Day.


16th August - Restoration Day (NL).


24th September - Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes (NL). Patron of the Dominican Republic.


12th October -  Discovery of America.


1st November - All Saints’ Day (NL).

6th November - Day of the Constitution (M).


24th December - Christmas Eve (Working Day until noon).

25th December - Christmas(NL).

31st December - New Year’s Eve (Working Day until noon).


*M: Movable.

NL: Public Holiday.

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