Accommodation in Dominican Republic

Discover the different accommodation options in the Dominican Republic and chose the one which adapts best to your vacations.

In the Dominican Republic there are different types of accommodation, always outstanding the middle price and luxury resorts. However, you have to distinguish the purpose of your holidays to choose one of another hotel type. If the idea is to make a backpacker trip you will not have many options to improvise your stay, since there are mainly no inns in the island.

Resorts (hotel complexes):

Resorts in Dominican Republic
Resorts in Dominican Republic
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There is a great variety of hotel chains which offer this type of accommodation going from more affordable prices to luxury ones. The inconvenient of these complexes is that many of them are several kilometers far from the city, which can be perfect for those just looking for relax, but an inconvenient for those who want to visit the city and discover the Dominican culture.

On the other hand, there are beautiful hotels smaller and welcoming, very recognized by their charms and which offer similar services as the resorts or, of course, more economic and smaller at the same time as ecologic hostels spread out by the beach and mountain areas or the Colonial Area, which is part of the Santo Domingo’s Historic Heritage.

Every hotel has its own characteristics which adapt more to a type of tourism than other, from the tranquility of the idyllic furthest corners to the all-included hotels destined to whole families or groups of friends where there are the activities which most interest each of them.


Apartments in Dominican Republic
Apartments in Dominican Republic
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If you want to follow your own rhythm and make longer stays in the island and you have less budget, there is the chance of renting apartments or other properties, just as rooms in private houses. Since there are no inns for backpackers in the island, this option is the closest to the inn one.

As you can imagine, the differences between both types of accommodations are huge, although the second one is especially ideal for those who want to discover closer the Dominican way of life and culture.

Generally the rates are much more economic than private houses but in both cases the prices depend on the season you are travelling. In this sense, the high season in the Dominican Republic is not just in July and August, the months which go from December to February are used for many North Americans to visit the country, so they are also considered high season. For sure the month of Carnival, on February, and the Holy Week are considered touristic season in the island. The most interesting is that in low season the prices are reduced up to 20-30% regarding the other periods.

Regarding the reservation. If you are travelling during the low season, you can find some renting without needing to make a previous reservation, but generally, it is preferred that guests make it previously; apart from taking the risk of not finding accommodation if you have no reservation in high season.


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