Sun Clock, Santo Domingo

Discover this symbolic bicentennial jewel, the Sun Clock of Santo Domingo, and admire its accuracy.

Sun Clock, Santo Domingo
Sun Clock
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Contemplate the centenary Sun Clock of the Colonial City, which still remains unshaken in front of the Royal Houses Museum since 1753.

This column was the best way in which the officers of the time could know the hour at any time of the day. The clock works with the movement of the Earth so, as our planet changes its position, the construction projects a shadow with an isosceles triangle shape that tells the exact hour. Furthermore, it marks two differentiated set of hours, the ones from the morning and the afternoon.

The place where it is located adopted the name of the clock itself and it ended up being called Plazoleta del Reloj del Sol (Sun Clock Little Square). It is quite close to the place where criminals sentenced to death were executed, which was named Pillory.

Due to its good conditions, it is one of the main attractives of the city for the tourists can be included among the very few sun clocks still well preserved in the world. Besides, in the Canary Islands  there is a replica of the Sun Clock of Santo Domingo.

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Las Damas Street. Colonial City. Santo Domingo

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