Casa del Cordón House, Santo Domingo

Visit one of the first colonial houses in the Colonial City and learn about the story of its inhabitants.

Casa del Cordón House, Santo Domingo
Casa del Cordón House
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Built during the first years of the 16th century, the Cord House is one of the first residential houses of the city.

It’s considered the first stone house in America and probably the first one built with two roofs too; its name comes from the cord that decorates the facade, which is the symbol of the Franciscan Order.

From its beginnings it was was used as the residence of Francisco de Garay, who was the governor of Jamaica and active participant in the conquest of Mexico; but in 1509 it began to be used as the residence of Diego Columbus and his wife before they moved out to their official residence, and where two of their daughters were born (Felipa and María). Furthermore, right after that, it was also used as headquarters of the Royal Audience, among other things.

Continuing with the absorbing history of the building, it housed the Casa de la Balanza (Stales’ House), where Francis Drake used to weigh the belongings he treasured.

Regarding the architecture of the house, this building has two courtyards and it is characterized by an Isabelline Gothic and Mudejar style. On the inside you can see its similarity with a Castilian palace, and at the highest point of the facade it stands out the coat of arms of Francisco Garay. However, the imposing house has been rented by the Dominican Popular Bank and when you visit it, you cannot go beyond the lobby.

All in all, you shouldn’t miss the chance of visiting this beautiful house, since it is a must-visit point of interest.

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At the corner between Isabel La Católica and Emiliano Tejeras streets, Colonial Area. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

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