Chinatown, Santo Domingo

Enjoy your day exploring the Chinatown and learning how the Asian and Dominican cultures mix.

Chinatown, Santo Domingo
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Officially inaugurated in 2008, the colourful and amusing Chinatown of Santo Domingo is a place where the Chinese culture has remained intact, coexisting also with other Asian ones such as the Vietnamese, the Japanese or the Korean.

In its origins, the core of the establishment of this community was the Duarte Avenue and, little by little, it has been expanded until it became what is known today as the Chinese Neighbourhood.

Chinatown, Dominican Republic
Chinatown, Dominican Republic
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The entrance to this area, as delimited as curious, is characterized by a framed entry made of two arches with an oriental design. You will see businesses, parks and fountains which represent the whole culture. Among the most relevant spots, you will find succulent restaurants and many other places such as the Chinese Language School, the Chinese Culture Museum and, especially, the Chinese Clinic, focused on oriental medicine.

On your tour through this picturesque neighbourhood you can see different statues spreading out across the area and which represent real and legendary characters of the Chinese culture. Each one of them is accompanied by a plaque on which the statue is identified and described.

Do not miss the chance to visit one of the most famous commercial avenues in Santo Domingo and discover how the Asian and Dominican culture complement each other.

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Chinatown. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

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