What to see in Santo Domingo

Discover the large amount of varied activities offered in the capital city of the Dominican Republic.

Discover the hundred-year-old city of Santo Domingo de Guzmán in the Dominican Republic and visit the first European settlement in America. 

What to see in Colonial City:

Cathedral of Santo DomingoCathedral of Santo Domingo
Visit the wonderful cathedral of Santo Domingo and admire the altarpieces and chapels housed in its interior.

Zona ColonialZona Colonial
Stroll around the first European Colonial district in the New World and admire its historical buildings.

Parque ColónParque Colón
Go for a walk by the park of the Colonial City and enjoy the beautiful constructions located around it.

Palacio ConsistorialPalacio Consistorial
Visit the unique city council of Santo Domingo and admire its 29-meters-high tower.

Fortaleza Ozama FortressFortaleza Ozama Fortress
Visit the first military fort in the continent and discover more about the Colonial history of Santo Domingo.

Plaza España SquarePlaza España Square
Visit the Plaza de la Hispanidad Square and enjoy the lively atmosphere of the terraces and bars around it.

Alcázar de ColónAlcázar de Colón
Visit the Columbus Alcazar Museum and contemplate the first viceroyship palace of the New World.

Museum of the Royal HousesMuseum of the Royal Houses
Discover the colonial history of the island and admire this monumental Royal Houses Museum in its whole.

Dominicos ConventDominicos Convent
Visit the first Catholic church and University of the New World.

Ruins of San Nicolás de Bari HospitalRuins of San Nicolás de Bari Hospital
Stroll along the Colonial Area and admire the ruins of the first hospital of the island.

ChuChu ColonialChuChu Colonial
Visit the Colonial Area in the famous Chuchu Colonial and enjoy the beauty of the island.

Colonial HousesColonial Houses
Stroll along Las Damas Street and enjoy the recreation of the Colonial environment of this curious street.

Sun ClockSun Clock
Discover this symbolic bicentennial jewel, the Sun Clock of Santo Domingo, and admire its accuracy.

National PantheonNational Pantheon
Visit the convent of San ignacio de Loyola and discover the island’s most important historical personalities.

Casa de BastidasCasa de Bastidas
Visit the old residence of Rodrigo Bastidas, who was a leading figure in the foundation of some South American cities.

Casa de Hernán CortésCasa de Hernán Cortés
Visit one of the first sites built in the foundational city: the house of Hernán Cortés.

Casa de los DávilaCasa de los Dávila
Admire this remarkable colonial residence, house of the City Councilor and judge of the Royal Audience.

Borgellá PalaceBorgellá Palace
Visit and admire this impressive colonial house imbued with political history from the Colonial Area.

Casa del Cordón HouseCasa del Cordón House
Visit one of the first colonial houses in the Colonial City and learn about the story of its inhabitants.

Casa de la Moneda HouseCasa de la Moneda House
Visit the fascinating Dominican Numismatic Museum located in the “House of the Coin”.

Church of Santa Clara ConventChurch of Santa Clara Convent
Visit the historical Santa Clara’s Church on your way through the capital city of the Dominican Republic.

Imperial Convent of Santo DomingoImperial Convent of Santo Domingo
Visit this historical convent located in the Colonial City during your stay in the Dominican Republic.

Iglesia Las Mercedes ChurchIglesia Las Mercedes Church
Visit the amazing Iglesia Las Mercedes Church during your stay in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Church of the Regina Angelorum ConventChurch of the Regina Angelorum Convent
Visit the amazing Church of the Regina Angelorum Convent, the first church of nuns in Dominican Republic.

Tostado House MuseumTostado House Museum
Visit the museum of the House of Tostado, one of the oldest and most luxurious houses in Santo Domingo.

Duarte House MuseumDuarte House Museum
Visit the Museum of the House of Duarte and discover how the life of this politician was in the 19th century.

Fuerte San José FortressFuerte San José Fortress
Visit the excellently preserved Fuerte San José Fortress, which was part of the Southern defense of Santo Domingo.

Fuerte San Gil FortressFuerte San Gil Fortress
Visit the 16th century San Gil Fort and learn about its stories on the maritime coast of Santo Domingo.

Padre Billini SquarePadre Billini Square
Visit the Square of Padre Billini and the beautiful centenary houses surrounding it, in Santo Domingo.

Puerta San Diego GatePuerta San Diego Gate
Admire the centenary Gate of San Diego Door that leads to the oriental side of the Colonial City.

Puerta del Conde GatePuerta del Conde Gate
Admire the symbolic Gate of the Count in the Independence Park of the Colonial City, in Santo Domingo.

Puerta de la Misericordia GatePuerta de la Misericordia Gate
Take a look at Puerta de la Misericordia, the first gate of the Colonial City in Santo Domingo.



What to see in Santo Domingo:

Columbus LighthouseColumbus Lighthouse
Visit the colossal monument-museum constructed to honor Columbus and the discovery of the New World.

Los Tres OjosLos Tres Ojos
Visit these beautiful caverns of underground water by boat and discover the secrets hidden in their interior.

Parque Mirador SurParque Mirador Sur
Stroll around the South Viewpoint Park and admire the first ecological space created in Santo Domingo.

National AquariumNational Aquarium
Visit this modern and fascinating aquarium and contemplate the life on the seafloor of the Caribbean.

Botanic GardenBotanic Garden
Visit one of the best botanic gardens in the world and contemplate the beauty of its green areas.

Go to the famous Malecón of Santo Domingo and enjoy the different leisure activities and places of the avenue.

Fray Antonio de Montesinos MonumentFray Antonio de Montesinos Monument
Admire this significant monument donated by Mexico and enjoy the panoramic view from its heights.

Homeland AltarHomeland Altar
Admire the majestic Homeland Altar which commemorates the independence of the Dominican Republic.

Palacio de Bellas ArtesPalacio de Bellas Artes
Visit the impressive Palace of Fine Arts and admire its simple and inspiring architectural structure.

Admire one of the most relevant monuments in the Dominican history and discover its meaning.

Obelisco HembraObelisco Hembra
See the imposing and modern building constructed in the central point of the George Washington Avenue.

Boca Chica BeachBoca Chica Beach
Visit the popular Boca Chica Beach just 30 km away from Santo Domingo in the South of the Dominican Republic.

Guayacanes BeachGuayacanes Beach
Enjoy a calm and peaceful day in Guayacanes Beach, not far from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Museum of the Dominican ManMuseum of the Dominican Man
Discover the Pre-Columbian history of the island’s inhabitants in the Museum of the Dominican Man.

Museo de Arte ModernoMuseo de Arte Moderno
Discover the Dominican art in the Museo de Arte Moderno on your way through Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

National Zoo ParkNational Zoo Park
Take a walk among animals of all kinds and sizes so you can admire the wildlife diversity of the National Zoo Park.


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