La Isabela, Dominican Republic

Visit the old village of La Isabela, in Puerto Plata, the first european settlement in the Americas

La Isabela, Dominican Republic
La Isabela
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The old village of La Isabela or Villa Isabela is, due to its history, one of the most interesting places in Puerto Plata and in the Dominican Republic. Villa Isabela and its surroundings were the first european settlements in America, but nowadays, it houses the Historical National Park of La Isabela.

Las Américas Temple, Puerto Plata
Las Américas Temple, Puerto Plata
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The first settler of the village was Christopher Columbus, who in 1494, during his second travel to America, settled there together with 1500 colonisers. But in 1500, the city was abandoned due to the violent hurricanes that destroyed it. It was not until the 20th Century when this little village was rediscovered, and it acquired a great archaeological value.

Inside the park, they are emplaced the Archaeological Museum of La Isabela and an Interpretation Centre, there, you can get to know, on the one hand, the first buildings; the graveyard, where some of the old inhabitants still lay; Christopher Columbus’s House, and, on the other hand, the lifestyle of the first european settlers.

Another interesting attraction there is Las Américas Temple or Jesus Christ the Evangeliser Sanctuary, which was the first Catholic church in America. This beautiful, little church, which was built on the ruins of the older one, keeps some beautiful, religious relics and paintings on its inside.  

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La Isabela (Luperón), Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.

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