Dominican Amber Museum, Puerto Plata

Come and visit the Dominican Amber Museum in Puerto Plata and discover why this precious stone is so valued

Dominican Amber Museum, Puerto Plata
Dominican Amber Museum
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The Dominican Amber Museum is one of the most visited places in Puerto Plata. Inside, it hosts one of the biggest resin exhibitions in the Dominican Republic. The country has the most important amber deposits in the world; moreover, blue, green or warm honey colours are unique from this area due to its volcanic activity.

Here, you can discover the history of this vegetal-origin precious stone. One of the most important stones of this museum is a 40cm lizard conserved inside a piece of amber. This resin can hold prehistoric fossils of plants and little animals on its inside due to its sticky nature, that turns this stone in subject of study. It is said that Steven Spielberg was inspired by this museum when he was working on his famous film Jurassic Park.

This museum offers guided tours, and it has a shop where people can buy little amber stones as souvenirs of their journey in the Dominican Republic.  

More Information:


61 Duarte St, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.

Opening hours:

From 8:00 to 17:00.


809 586 3910.

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