Taxi in Dominican Republic

Learn how the Taxi Service works and the average price per trip for your stay in the Dominican Republic

Taxi in Dominican Republic
Taxi in Dominican Republic
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In the Dominican Republic, the cab service is not quite different from those of other Caribbean countries; cab drivers do not go around searching for their passengers, but they usually wait for them near the touristic areas such as airports, parks and hotels.

You must take into account the following recommendations before hiring a cab: firstly, you should negotiate the price per trip in advance and reach an agreement with the driver before getting on the cab, since they do not have taximeters and there is not a pre-established official fare; secondly, there is not advisable to just accept the driver’s first offer because it is usually higher than average, so you should haggle over the price (take into account that the average and reasonable fare is of about 200 RD$); and thirdly, you must know beforehand if the payment will be required in a different currency that the one you are using.

Anyway, the cab service is quite expensive, and it is not advisable to get around this way everyday.


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