Guaguas or Buses in Dominican Republic

Learn how the urban and intercity buses (guaguas) systems work and get around the Dominican Republic comfortably

Guaguas or Buses in Dominican Republic
Guaguas or Buses in Dominican Republic
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Moving about the Dominican Republic by bus, also known as “guagua” by the Dominicans, is very comfortable and easy.

First of all, you must know that there are two different types of buses in the Dominican Republic. On the one hand, there exist the urban, local buses or guaguas, which move passengers within a city. There are two different services of this kind: the public buses (managed by driver unions) but they do not have pre-established stops and are usually late; and the OMSA buses (managed by the government), which are in better conditions, but reach fewer areas than the public buses. On the other hand, there exist the intercity buses or guaguas. These services reach the whole island and link the main cities and touristic areas with the rest of the country, these buses are “first-class”, since they are modern vehicles and have all the conveniences, as, for example, air conditioner.

The country’s main bus companies are Caribe Tours and Metro. Caribe Tours has the broadest intercity bus system, but its prices reach until 400 RD$. . Metro connects the main cities between them.


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