Urban Transport in Dominican Republic

Discover the cheapest urban transport system of the Dominican Republic and move about freely and easily

If you are looking for the cheapest way to move about within the cities in the Dominican Republic, “conchos” and “motoconchos” are the best option.

The “conchos”, or public cars, are the traditional urban transport in the Dominican Republic. These are shared taxis and operate in the main cities. If you want to get around by these kind of taxis, you have to wave the driver from the pavement. They usually have pre-established routes, this it is advisable to ask the driver which is their route to check if our destination is in their journey. As well as with the taxi drivers, you have to haggle the price, but nevertheless, they are much cheaper than taxis. Its average price is, approximately, 25 RD$. But, these vehicles are a little bit uncomfortable because drivers usually carry more people than allowed in order to make the most out of the trip.

The “motoconcho” works in the same way as the “concho” but it is a motorcycle instead of a car. It is mainly used for short trips. You must take into account that motoconcho drivers are quite of daredevils.


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