Yaguate, Dominican Republic

Go to Yaguate and discover one of the oldest and loveliest villages of San Cristóbal in the Dominican Republic

Yaguate, Dominican Republic
© Mikaël Pasco (www.mikpasco.com)

The ancient village of Yaguate is located in the southwest of the Dominican Province of San Cristóbal.

Yaguate, Dominican Republic
Yaguate, Dominican Republic
© Mikaël Pasco (www.mikpasco.com)

Yaguate, which is located where the village of Hato Yaguate was in the past, is one of the most ancient villages of the province of San Cristóbal. It is a small village that is important for its pre-Columbian and colonial history. It was originally named as Santa Cruz de Yaguate. The name “Yaguate” comes from “Yagua”, which means “upper bark of a plant”, a word that may be related to the fact that the first sugar mill of the New World was settled here. This mill could had been La Jagua Sugar Mill, which is ruined nowadays. Today, the sugarcane still being a source of richness for the village, as well as the avocado cultivations.

Some of the attractions of this unique village, which you should not miss the chance to visit, are the Church of Boca de Mana and the Church of el Conde even when there are only two stones left of the Church of el Conde, between which a stream (which is thought to have curative properties) goes through. Other attractions are the Dam of Valdesia and the caverns of indigenous of Maná, among which the incredible Cave of La Mancha is the most remarkable one. A legend tells that the spring of the Cave of “Salón de las 12 de la noche” has curative properties as its waters heal every kind of illnesses and also bring good luck.

Finally, its patron saint festivities honouring Santa Cruz take place in May 3th.  

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