Tabacalera La Matilde Tour, La Romana

Make a tour to Tabacalera La Matilde Cigarette Factory, the biggest and most famous handmade cigarettes factory in the Dominican Republic.

Tabacalera La Matilde Tour, La Romana
Tabacalera La Matilde Tour
© Tabacalera La Matilde

Visit the Tabacalera La Matilde and observe the labor of craftsman in the handmade cigarettes factory that has become a reference point for the rest of Dominican cigars.

This factory producing some of the most famous brands in the world was founded by José Seijas in 2000 to make tobacco products more accessible in the local market, as most of what was produced then was exported to other countries.

In Tabacalera La Matilde, you can find the best Dominican cigars with the best prices, at the same time you discover the techniques used by the experienced craftsmen to get the best products.

Tours can be booked from the hotel or the travel agency. There are three kinds of ways to do the tour. The first one is online (Online Factory Tour), totally free and where you can see pictures and videos of the cigarette factory. The second way is a 30 minutes trip showing the process through which tobacco is put down from the plantations to the final packaging (Amateur Factory Tour). Finally, a third way to enjoy the tour is by tasting the cigars. (Cigar Tasting Basics) Choose the cigar you like more by tasting them or try the different varieties, from the softest to the strongest, and decide yourself which one you like more on this 1 hour tour.

More information:


La Estancia (Salida de la Autopista del Coral de Boca Chavón), 22000 La Romana

Opening hours:

From 8:00am to 7:00pm

Ticket price:

Online Factory Tour        Free

Amateur Factory Tour    5 US$

Cigar Tasting Basics        30 US$




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