Sanitary cover and assistance in the Dominican Republic

Where to go in case you need sanitary cover or assistance in Dominican Republic.

Sanitary cover and assistance in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has a health coverage very different to the European one. Although it is quite good, public sanitary assistance is not recommended for tourists, being a better option to choose the private one since it counts with the needed resources to provide a good service although the costs are too high.

The Spaniards have to take into account that the Spanish social welfare does not cover any sanitary expense; then it is recommendable for all the tourists, regardless their country, to hire a sanitary assistance insurance which goes around more reasonable prices than the ones you will pay for these services without being insured. Find out about the travel insurances which are offered by the same agencies and check that it includes the repatriation in case of emergency.

Thus, it should be taken into account that the Dominicans distinguish between hospitals, which are the public sanitary centers, and the clinics which are private institutions. Among the most relevant clinics stand out Hospiten, AAA Health Centers y Clínica Abreu; which are located mainly in Santo Domingo; while in Santiago are located the Clínica Corominas, the Hospital Materno Infantil or the Clínica Unión Médica, among the most important ones.

Regarding the shopping of medicines in drugstores, it is interesting that the selling of the doses is done depending on the pills you must take and the custom is not compelled to buy the whole box.

On the other hand, you must follow a series of general precautions to avoid several malaises. For example, although the government assures that 80% of the water is potable, it is better to drink only bottled water. In every market, supermarket or corner shop you can buy huge bottled water containers, which is what most of the residents use.

You should neither forget the mosquitos repellent, since the bites are very frequent, especially by the jejen and they are usually painful.

Of course, something which does not get the required attention is the sun. It is very important to use a tanning lotion; in a few minutes you can develop skin lesions relying on your skin tone, especially sun burnings, since the Carribean sun is particularly strong.

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