Salto Jimenoa Waterfall, Jarabacoa

Come to the astonishing Salto Jimenoa Waterfalls and explore the wild nature of Jarabacoa, in the Dominican Republic.

Salto de Jimenoa, Jarabacoa
Salto de Jimenoa
© joan esteve dura serral

Salto Jimenoa Waterfall 1 is a waterfall located in the town of Jarabacoa, a few kilometers away from La Vega, and with its 35 meters of height it is one of the highest waterfalls in the Dominican Republic. It is one of the two jumps of the Jimenoa river; the other one is called Salto Jimenoa Waterfall 2.

Salto de Jimenoa, Dominican Republic
Salto de Jimenoa, Dominican Republic
© joan esteve dura serral

There are reports of it since the early twentieth century, thanks to some Englishmen who discovered it while constructing a hydroelectric facility on the Jimenoa river.

This waterfall shows to local and foreign tourists one of the most beautiful sights that nature can offer in the Dominican Republic. The waterfall runs over rock formations and there is a beach at its end. You can see the moss on the rocks and the aquatic vegetation, which is a unique spectacle.

There are several routes that give access to the waterfall. You can arrive there by horse or  jeep, but from a certain place onwards it is necessary to make it on foot. You will have to walk the last 100 meters across a suspension bridge, a structure made of logs and ropes above the Jimenoa River. The Enriquillo path is the most accessible route through the mountains that surround the river.

Since it is a protected area, there is surveillance all over this place. Visitors also have to pay a fee in order to go there, which is used to financially support the maintenance and cleanliness of the place. In addition, you must also take certain precautions when going to these waterfalls: the bridge cannot be crossed by more than four people at a time, sudden movements must be avoided while crossing it and, at some points, it is not allowed to swim because of the danger it entails.

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Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic.


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