Padre Nuestro Ecological and Archeological Trail

Stroll in the Padre Nuestro Ecological and Archeological Trail surrounded by unique flora and fauna in this region during your travel through Dominican Republic.

Padre Nuestro Ecological and Archeological Trail
Padre Nuestro Ecological and Archeological Trail
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Have a walk in the Padre Nuestro Ecological and Archeological Trail in the East National Park in Bayahibe and admire the wonderful places you’ll be taken to. You’ll walk all the time through a wet tropical rainforest with numerous endemic species of birds, reptiles and butterflies that live together in a calcareous stone landscape.

If you feel like it, you can join a guided tour by boat from Bayahibe and visit the springs in the area where relevant samples of Pre-Columbian cave art can be found.

These findings include plenty of fragments from ostionoide and Chicoide clay jars buried in the depth of springs. The ostionoide fragments date back to 400 century B.C., while the Chicoide ones vary between 800 and 1500 centuries A.D. These findings show how old is the tradition of exploitation of these waters in the region.

Apart from the use of springs for the exploitation of its waters, they have found areas on those caves dedicated to petroglyphs, making them become temples filled with spirituality. Those parts are usually in highlighted areas of the caverns, emphasizing their relation with the sun. They do also represent Atabey, Mother of the Waters, who lives in the depths of the springs.

The most interesting visited spots during the tour are the springs of La Lechuza, Chicho and La Jarda Headland. Both springs can be explored, but to visit La Lechuza it is necessary to take with you rope, helmet and lantern. The Chicho Spring has a huge underground lake with crystalline waters where you can take a magic bath under the light of the lanterns. Finally, La Jarda de los Cangrejos is a geological fault line with more than 40 meters above the valley and where, you will enjoy incredible views over the East National Park.

You can get more information in the Interpretation Center next to the parking. Padre Nuestro was declared protected area in 2003.

Visit Saona and Catalinita Island on a boat ride to the south of the East National Park, and Palmilla Natural Pool during your trip to the area.

More information:

Trail tour:

2 kilometers in more or less 2 hours


A 15 Km la Romana, Parque Nacional del Este, Bayahibe.

Opening hours:

Mondays through Fridays from 9:00am to 4:30pm

Saturdays from 9:00am to 1:00pm

Ticket price:  

200 RD$ per person (the ticket includes the guide, but it is recommendable to leave a tip).



829 520 7391

829 521 3398 (Hotels Association of La Romana Bayahíbe)

829 520 9155 ( Padre Nuestro Guides Association)


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