Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

Visit the town of Las Terrenas and discover this ancient fishing town and its paradise-like beaches in Samaná, Dominican Republic.

Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic
Las Terrenas
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Discover the charming town of Las Terrenas and its tropical beaches where you can take part in every kind of watersport and enjoy your tropical holidays in a historical place.

Las Terrenas, Samaná
Las Terrenas, Samaná
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This town was established in 1946, but its history goes back to the 17th century, when the whole region was known due to the notorious port of Samaná and its slave trade. Thus, the population of this peninsula is a mixture between Taínos, Spaniards, Antillan and descendents from enslaved peoples in Africa.

Just a couple of decades ago, there was no electricity in this town, and the roads had been paved just five years before. Accessing Las Terrenas was difficult, and thus its virgin state was preserved.

From then onwards, the town had been developing slowly and now features some bars, restaurants, and stores while constituting an example of international social harmony where both europeans and americans have decided to settle in.

Nowadays, Las Terrazas is a privileged place where hotels have sea-views to beautiful beaches. The residential areas house people from all over the world that have here summer cottages, and contribute to the lively atmosphere.

Some of the most popular activities are those which take place in the water, such as sailing or diving, since the waves and the wind speed contribute to it.

The town is located a few kilometers away from Salto El Limón waterfall, although other trips leaving from this town to different destinations over the island are also very  demanded.

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