Guácaras Taíno Caves, Cotuí

Visit the astonishing Taíno “Guácaras” caves, some of the most important caverns in the Dominican Republic

Guácaras Taínas, Cotuí
Guácaras Taínas, Cotuí
© Marvin del Cid

The Guácaras Taíno Caves, in Cotuí, are a series of ancient caverns located in the region of Sánchez Ramírez that stand out because of their historic and archaeological importance.

These caverns’ attractive lies in the beauty and historic importance of the petroglyphs that are on their interior walls. Some of the most appreciated “guácaras” are: Comedero (Trough) Guácara, Sanabe’s Hole and Lake’s Guácara.

At just about 20 kilometres away on foot from Comedero de Arriba (Above’s Trough) you can find Comedero Guácara (Trough Cave), specially interesting due to the hieroglyphs on its walls. This cavern has labyrinthine alleys shaped as crosses, which experts think that are related to the wet season of the Taíno calendar.

Sanabe’s Hole is located behind the Hatillo dam’s lake, across a short mountain path. This cavern is believed to be a sacrifice place for youngsters between 12 and 14 years old, since human remains ranging between these ages have been found there.

Lake’s Guácara, also known as Swallows’ Cave, is a nice cavern located in the lake of the Hatillo dam, and to go there, it is compulsory to travel by boat or canoe. There are ancient engravings on its interior walls.

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