Cueva Fun-Fun Cave, Dominican Republic

Discover the famous Fun-Fun cave and the extraordinary tour through its surroundings, in Hato Mayor, Dominican Republic.

Cueva Fun-Fun Cave, Dominican Republic
Cueva Fun-Fun Cave
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Cueva Fun-Fun cave is one of the best known destinations in the region, and most coastal resorts have trips to this area. Even when it is located 17 kilometers to the west of Hato Mayor, travellers from all over the island still wander to visit it.

You can go on a trip from Punta Cana on horseback, on a hiking trip through the tropical forest, rafting in a 20 meter cliff or walking along two kilometers of the Caribbean’s largest cave system. The trip also includes a refreshing bath in an underground river, as well as all the required equipment.

The vicinity of the cave makes the visitor breathe in all the surrounding natural beauty, so they could come into the cave perfectly used to and ready for facing the adventure ahead.

Entrance is granted through a pole descend towards the depths of the cavity. Along the path, the guides explain the different geological phenomena that can be seen.

Of the ten kilometers the cave stretch over, only three are open for exploration. You will find abundant examples of pre Columbian art in the stalactites and stalagmites waiting in the depths.

Legend goes that the name of the cave comes from the sound bats make when moving their wings when humans approach them.

Other interesting caves are Puerta del Cielo Cave and Doña Ana Cave.

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