Cathedral of La Vega

Admire the monumental Inmaculada Concepción Cathedral, in Concepción de la Vega, and learn its history

Cathedral of La Vega
Cathedral of La Vega
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The Catedral de la Inmaculada Concepción or Cathedral of La Vega, in the Dominican Republic, is located at the city’s Central Plaza, opposite to the Central Park and nearby to the Jorge Plaza.

It is a building that stands out due to its modernist style and because it is gigantic. It was designed by the architect Pedro Mena Lajara and its building started in 1977.

Cathedral of La Vega, Dominican Republic
Cathedral of La Vega, Dominican Republic
© La India del Cibao

In its design some Byzantine and modern elements are mixed. It has triple arches on its doors and the sky is represented on its ceiling. One of its most characteristic features is that the stars are mimicked with lights behind its altar. In addition, its peculiar design symbolises the Christian spirituality; for example, its grey walls symbolise the human inability to reflect God’s light, and its twelve towers symbolise the twelve apostles and the twelve gates of the Heavenly Jerusalem. It also has a risen Christ statue instead of a crucified Christ one as the rest of cathedrals and churches have.

The Inmaculada Concepción Cathedral is one of the main shrines in the Dominican Republic and one of the largest cathedrals, since it can seat 1,000 attendees. Since it was built, it has been and it is still being one of the most important religious destinations for both domestic and foreign pilgrims.

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Don Antonio Guzmán Street, Concepción de la Vega, province of La Vega, Dominican Republic.

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